Analyzing On-Chain Data To Make Smarter Investment Decisions.

Dexplore is an AI-driven data aggregation platform for tokens deployed on the Cardano & Milkomeda networks providing holistic analysis and tracking capabilities for each given asset.

DYOR with Dexplore

Dexplore brings all available tools for proper market analytics on one simplified and yet efficient user interface for a surface to in-depth analysis of assets on the Cardano Ecosystem.

By introducing customisable products and tools on the Dexplore platform to help you make better trading decisions, thereby reducing risk of getting into shitty projects and rug pulls.

The Dexplore software is designed to help ease the stress of juggling across multiple websites/platforms, with the Explore all in one suite asset management is made easy while making tracking and analytics of asset seamless.

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Total Supply:25,000,000


Ready Q2 2022

  • Dexplore Project Plan & User Flow Setup
  • Dexplore Project Announcement On twitter
  • Website Development and Launch
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Pre-Sale Whitelisting
  • Frontend & UI/UX Development
  • Platform Design & Prototyping
  • Initial Private Pre-Sale
  • Mockup Demo Release
  • Public Sale
  • Launch On DEX

Set Q3 2022

  • DXP Staking Platform
  • Clickable Prototype Release
  • Dexplore Company Incoporation
  • Listing On CoinGecko, Coinmarketcap, Blockfolio
  • Onboard More Haskell Developers
  • CEX Listing
  • Enhanced Marketing Strategy Execution
  • Asset Tracking Layer Development
  • Web3 Wallet App Development
  • Bounty & Community Rewards

Go Q4 2022

  • New Platform Features Unveil
  • New Blockchain Integrations
  • Testnet Release
  • CertiK Contract Security Audit
  • Incentivised Public Testnet
  • Main net Release

Live Q1 2023

  • Onboarding of Projects
  • Smart IDO Testnet
  • Collaboration and Partnerships With Media Outlets
  • Developer APIs development
  • Dexplore API Full Public Release

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